Why Women's Basketball Is Becoming More Popular

Women’s basketball has become more popular in the last few years due to many reasons. In this article, you will learn about them and, in the end, also understand why Sol Casino is proud to be the official sponsor of the Provincial Girls A Basketball Championships.

Basketball was invented as a game in 1891. Men started playing the game, and one year later, women started playing too. However, women’s basketball had many restrictions. For example, the uniforms were inconvenient, and only 6 players were allowed to play.

  • Differences Between Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  • For those who are not basketball experts, you should start by reviewing the main differences between men’s and women’s basketball to understand why women’s basketball is gaining more popularity.

    Women’s basketball season is usually on during summer, and it has only 34 games. Men play about 110 games during a season, while women play about 45 games only. That is one of the main reasons why men’s basketball is more popular than women’s basketball.

    Men are bigger than women; that is why they are better basketball players. The vertical leap in men is bigger than women; that is why men can play on bigger heights. Besides, men are usually riskier and more dynamic, while women focus on tactics and cooperation.

    One of the most important differences is in the rewards. In professional leagues, women can earn up to $100,000/year. Some women consider it a lot lower than men who play basketball.
    On the other hand, men can make at least $500,000 per year. The salaries can reach millions in a single season. Sol Casino is aware of that difference, which is why it decided to sponsor women’s basketball in the first place.

    If you are an undergraduate who wants to start playing basketball professionally after graduation, you should realize one fact. You have a higher chance to win the lottery than becoming a professional basketball player since the competition is high.

    Therefore, you should put in a lot of effort and become a really good basketball player to reach your goals. Improve your skills and work harder. Once the opportunity appears, seize it.

    Nowadays, women’s basketball is gaining more popularity faster than ever. Here are the top reasons that make this possible.

    1. Professional Leagues

    Most professional basketball players start their careers by joining WNBA at college. The National Collegiate Athletic Association and sponsors such as Sol Casino have a great impact on helping women’s basketball gain more popularity. Aside from taxes and employment, Sol Casino contributes using around 10% of its revenue to fund social programs and sports. It gives back to the same community that enjoys its thousands of online slot games.

    Statistically speaking, each year witnesses an increase in the number of fans at women’s basketball tournaments. Thanks to that sponsorship, fans can enjoy real quality competitions.

    Canadian professional basketball players at the University of Vancouver are also members of an association. Jet Casino in Canada () is a much needed sponsor for such an organization. It regularly provides all the necessary financial and marketing support to this women’s sports community.

    1. Fan Base

    Nowadays, networking is one of the most important tools we have, and it is growing rapidly and significantly. The internet and social media have made huge impacts on women’s basketball. The fans now have their own communities that attract more fans all the time. As it becomes more popular, more people are exploring and watching women’s basketball.

    1. Coverage

    Women’s basketball is becoming more popular, and the games are gaining more fans all the time because of the amazing coverage of sports events at schools and colleges.

    Students support their friends by publishing game reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms with shots and hashtags. Besides, things like college websites and newspapers keep students and fans updated all the time about the results and upcoming games.

    1. Salaries

    There is a huge gap in salaries between men’s and women’s basketball players. However, thanks to the equity movements, the salaries of professional women’s basketball players are constantly increasing. Sol Casino wants to make sure that it keeps improving and will do so by sponsoring and encouraging women’s basketball.

    As a result, more women’s basketball players are attracted to make their lives around basketball. The competition is becoming tougher, and the games are more intense.

    If you are a student who wants to become a professional women’s basketball player after graduating, you need the proper time to work out and train more. Try to make more time for training. You can search for ways to do your homework online or organize your time between school and training to get the most out of both of them.

    1. Betting Opportunities

    As we said, men’s basketball is more dynamic, and the games are full of unexpected moments. Besides, the fan base is larger. All this makes betting riskier.

    Women depend more on tactics and use their strong sides to beat other competitors and throw many balls in the baskets. This is more helpful for betting specialists because it helps them to predict winners accurately. That is why womens basketball is more popular for people who want to make wagers on sports than men’s basketball.

    The Bottom Line
    Sol Casino is proud to be the main sponsor of BC Provincial Girls A Basketball Championships organized by Duncan Christian School, which is one of the top basketball tournaments. It is a complete platform with the best online slots for basketball fans, with themes ranging from sports to movies. Sol Casino cannot wait to see those girls become professional basketball players, and they are happy to be part of it.